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Fly-Fishing at Letort Spring in Carlisle, PA

John Gooderham gives a short fly-fishing lesson on a section of LeTort Spring, one of the 13 Pennsylvania Designated Scenic Rivers. LeTort Springs isn’t for the faint of heart; if the copious reed beds and taxing currents aren’t challenging enough, the wild brown trout here seem to be particularly wily.

Duration : 0:4:53

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3 Responses to “Fly-Fishing at Letort Spring in Carlisle, PA”

  1. alexbyacob Says:

    John, well done! I …
    John, well done! I live in north of Italy and fish in pretty same type of environment.

  2. mmsmathguy08 Says:

    Terrific …
    Terrific informative video, John. I live in Boiling springs and just started fly fishing the Breeches this year…I’m hooked! I’m a teacher so now I have a new “hobby” to help pass the time! Great information! Tight lines!

  3. litledevel15 Says:

    yea way to go dad!
    yea way to go dad!

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